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How They Protect Your Home from Tornados and Differ from Standard Garage Doors

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Why Reinforce Your Garage Door for Tornados?

Tornado wind speeds in Oklahoma generally range from 15 to 40 mph, with the highest wind speed exceeding 134 mph based on available reports from the National Weather Service. Garage doors can be a severe weakness for the home. They are easily torn off, and high-pressure winds then yank down walls or blow off the roof once they’re gone.

The Core Benefits of Reinforced Garage Doors

  • Tornado-Resistant garage doors help protect your family and home by mitigating damage in the event of severe weather.
  • They can handle severe wind loads and can reduce your insurance premiums.
  • Wind-resistant garage doors also provide energy savings with improved insulation.

What is a Tornado Resistant Garage Door vs. a Standard Garage Door?

Reinforced garage doors have higher wind load ratings meaning they’ve been tested to withstand heavy winds and can help mitigate damage. They are often made from materials including heavy-duty steel and aluminum and reinforced with additional struts and bracing. Some commercial options include removable reinforced beams that can be put in place when high-pressure winds are imminent.

In addition to the materials used, tornado-resistant garage doors also have reinforced construction that includes additional braces and hinges to provide added stability and strength. They also often have impact-resistant features, such as laminated glass or polycarbonate panels, to protect against flying debris.

Local Codes - Moore, Oklahoma

As of March 17, 2014, the city council of Moore, Oklahoma, approved the new building code that required garage doors to be rated 135 mph or above, which exceeds the typical 90 mph in the non-coastal US. Terry Cavnar, the owner of, Moore Overhead Door and former Moore City Council member, was essential in passing the new building code. As a resident of Moore and State Farm insurance agent for over 30 years, Terry had seen the devastation to homes as a result of tornadoes and standard garage doors.

In addition to wind-resistant garage doors, Moore’s new residential building code requires improved roof sheathing, hurricane clips or framing anchors, and continuous plywood bracing.

More Information

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